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Policy and Regulations

Authority for Training

The legal basis for the training of Federal employees is captured in the following documents – Government Employees Training Act (PL-85-507), Chapter 41 of Title 5, United States Code, and Executive Order 11348 and amendments. There are other guidelines established by the individual agencies in the form of policies, which further support employee training. It is especially important for those who are in the approval authority chain to be familiar with the guidelines for approving training for their employees. Advice and guidance on regulatory policy is available from Workforce Development, CNRJ or through the following web sites:

Training Policy Handbook
Training Policy Handbook provides an overview of policy in the Federal Government. However, each agency and component may issue additional guidance on the listed topics and should be consulted.

Government Employees Training Act (GETA)
Passed in 1958, created the framework for agencies to plan, develop, establish, implement, evaluate, and fund training and development programs designed to improve the quality and performance of the workforce.

Chapter 41 of Title 5, United States Code (5 U.S.C. 41)

Executive Order No. 11348

Parts 410 and 412 of Title 5, Code of Federal Regulations (5 C.F.R.)

5CFR 410

5CFR 412

Department of Defense Civilian Personnel Manual (CPM) DoDI 1400.25-410
The CPM establishes DOD concepts, standards, guidelines, and requirements for civilian employee training and development programs.

The CPM is a Navy Supplement and provides the Department of the Navy guidance for civilian employee training and development programs. Other Refer to claimant and activity guidance for local civilian employee training and development program requirements.

MLC/IHA Handbook 30 Jun 2014
The MLC/IHA Handbook was written for the orientation on local national employment for U.S. military and civilian supervisors of Japanese employees. It helps supervisors understand their responsibilities, the role of the Human Resources Office (HRO), and explains the Government of Japan's role and governing policies for MLC/IHA employees.

Additional Policies and Regulations for Training and Development can be found on the OCHR Civilian Workforce Development (CWDD) website located here:

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