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CO SOH Policy Statement

"Be Safe!" This phrase can mean different things to different people. This policy was written so that all hands will know what i mean when i say "Be Safe". Be Safe means taking care of the mission. The mission is why we are here. When a job done safely, it's done correctly, and doing the job correctly means getting the mission accomplished right the first time. Be Safe means taking care of your shipmates and family. Examples are: correct unsafe behavior when witnessed, especially when out on liberty or on leave; remind everyone in the car to buckle up; wear your helmet while riding your bicycle and a reflective vest during low visibility hour; learn the traffic laws for Singapore as driving here may be quite different from what you are used to; report unsafe conditions around the base to your host safety office.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Be Safe means taking care of yourself. Sometimes the difference between no accident and a serious accident is a choice. Employ operational risk management (ORM) techniques before beginning any task or activity. Make the right choices by putting controls in place to reduce the risk to a manageable level. Everyone has the right, indeed the requirement, to participate in the safety program. No one should be reluctant to push safety related issued up the chain of command.

If you have questions about the safety program, please contact the Region's Safety Program Manager at 6750-2535.

Occupational Safety and Health Program

The implementation of an occupational safety and health  program for personnel assigned to Singapore Area Coordinator (SAC) is managed by Public Safety Department. The Safety program integrates resource and policy to promote accident and injury prevention and ensure the occupational well being of all personnel through:

  • Identify and minimize health hazards
  • Accident and injury prevention awareness
  • Active Management/Oversight
  • Training and Education


DRIVING Training Requirements:

U.S. - Singapore MOU, all active duty military personnel, DoD employees, and any dependent who will be driving in Singapore must complete U.S. Forces administered drivers' training prior to driving any vehicle in Singapore.  Tests are administered and a passing score of 70 percent is required. The training is being offered every Monday by appointment (except local and U.S. holidays). Contact the POC at 6750-2535 for further inquiries.

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