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Nomination Procedures

As of 01 OCT 2012, no PII information will be accepted on SF-182 forms. Please do not submit SSN,
DOB, Home address, Home phone number, etc.


Please follow this guidance for SF182 process.
For multiple entry, please attach the list containing necessary information in Section A.
You can download the sample list from here.

Seek supervisory authority first. After approval has been received, coordinate your reservation through your command training office, if you don’t have a command training office contact Workforce Development, Commander Navy Region Japan (CNRJ) at 243-7079 to make a reservation.

Then, complete a SF-182 using the SF-182 in the course announcement and submitting your approved request through your command training office who will submit the completed SF-182 to Workforce Development, CNRJ. 

Nomination is completed when a properly executed SF-182 is received by Workforce Development, CNRJ by COB on the nomination closing date. Consult the particular course announcement to determine the correct nomination procedures. The number of training spaces is limited. If your SF-182 is not received by the nomination deadline, your reservation will be cancelled and your seat will be offered to someone on the waiting list.

* It is highly likely the cost will change from the announced cost due to not knowing the final number of enrollment at the time of course announcement. Final cost will be given after course nomination deadline. However, final cost will not be more than announced cost. 


Workforce Development, CNRJ will notify the training POC of confirmation of class and attendance by e-mail soon after the course nomination deadline.

*Do not assume your request has been accepted. Please contact Workforce Development, CNRJ to verify your status if you have not received confirmation from your Training POC.


Payment of courses is the responsibility of each Command; Workforce Development, CNRJ will assist in connecting each Commands Budget Office with the Vendor. Any payment issues should be resolved directly with the Vendor.

For security reasons, do not put credit card information on the SF-182.


Please notify Workforce Development, CNRJ immediately in the case that you cannot attend your confirmed or reserved training. Cancellation after nomination deadline is liable for payment.

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