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NEO Emergency Kit

NEO Kits (Things to Bring)
- $100 Cash/Coin

- Backpack/shoulder bag
- Clothing (3-day supply - incl. winter attire)

- Toiletries
- Feminine toiletries
- Prescription drugs
- Diapers & wipes

- Food/Snacks (3-day supply - non-perishable)
- Water (recommend refillable container)
- Baby food (3-day supply)
- Pet food & meds

- Playing cards/small games
- Flashlight
- Batteries
- Pen and paper

NEO Packets (Forms)
- Alien Registration Card
- Birth Certificates
- Financial Records (Latest LES)
- Household Goods Inventory (DD Form 1701)
- Insurance Policies
- Marriage Certificates
- Naturalization Certificates
- Paperwork (tax files, school certificates)
- Passport
- Power of Attorney
- Vehicle Registration/Titles
- Will(s)

The following forms should be filled out prior to arrival at departure location:
DD Form 1337 (Military) - Authorization for Emergency Pay and Allowances
DD Form 2461 (DOD Civilians) - Authorization for Emergency Evacuation Advance
DOD Form 2585 - Evacuee Identifying Information

Other information
- Ensure your Page 2 is up to date in your ESR.
- Leave keys in car and notify command of car location and license number (in case it needs to be moved).

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