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Ready Navy
Your Unit NEO Coordinator will help to explain details of the NEO process and assist you with completing the required paperwork.

Your sponsor is required to register your family with your unit NEO coordinator and ensure that your unit NEO Coordinator has your correct phone number and address at all times.

Each family is responsible for maintaining all paperwork required to evacuate. Click on the NEO Packet Contents link here or at the top of the page for a list of the required documents. Families should also have a NEO Emergency kit readily available in case of an evacuation. The list provided by the link above (and at the top of the page) is very general and should be used as a basis to build the kit your family will need.

Please remember that your kit should be light enough for you to carry to the Assembly Point. You should not assume that transportation will be available to pick you up and take you, your family and your bags to the Assembly Point/Processing Center. It is understood that personnel residing off-base may need to drive their POV to NAF Atsugi. Upon arrival, follow the directions of Security personnel. They will direct you to parking.

It is necessary that each dependant spouse become familiar with the NEO paperwork, particularly in view of the fact that you will be required to relocate without your sponsor in most scenarios. In case of emergency, locate your NEO packet, prepare your NEO emergency kit and follow instructions. A NEO is a high stress event. The better prepared you are, the easier your check-in and evacuation will be.

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