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Filing a Claim for Personal Property

How to File a Claim for Personal Property Loss due to Fire, Flood, Theft, Vandalism and Other Personal Property Losses   Click here to read details. (PDF)

* Filing a Claim with the Navy for Personal Property Damage Caused by Typhoon Trami

Note: All DON and USMC PCA claims are now adjudicated by PCU Norfolk

1.   If you suffered loss or damaged to your personal property due to the Typhoon, you can file a claim if:

          A.  You are an active duty member, a reservist on active duty, or a civilian

employee of the Department of Defense and, you are not considered a local inhabitant of the area.

          B.  The property was located in your assigned or authorized quarters or, located on base when it was damaged.

2.  Claims packets for filing your claim with the Navy can be found on-line at  In the headnote banner, click on “File a Claim” under the heading “For More Information” and select “packets and forms” on the right side of the screen.  You may also obtain packages from the Office of the OJAG Personnel Claims Unit Norfolk (PCUN).    PCUN information:

          -  The phone number is toll free (888) 897-8217, commercial (757) 440-6315

          -  The fax numbers are (757) 440-6316 and 444-3337

-  The email address is          

3.  If you have private insurance covering your loss, you must make a demand against your private insurance carrier and include a copy of the insurance settlement and submit it with your claim package.  If the damages total an amount less than your deductible, you simply need to attach a current copy of your declaration page showing the deductible.  You can request an emergency advance in the amount of your insurance policy deductible.  You must provide a copy of the claim you filed with your private insurance carrier.

Questions?  Claims Help Line:  (888)897-8217

            The help line is manned from 0700 – 1800, Eastern Time.

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