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Space A

Effective Immediately: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is prohibited on ALL Department of Defense owned and controlled aircraft (Including PE missions) in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation guidance.  Boarding WILL be denied if a passenger is in possession of subject device. For further information, please refer to



Here are some things you should consider when viewing the flight outlook.

1. SPACE AVAILABLE PASSENGERS INTENDING TO DEPART FROM ATSUGI TO ANY COUNTRY OUTSIDE OF JAPAN. NAF Atsugi’s Airfield is a SOFA Personnel Only Airfield. If your intention is to depart Japan from Atsugi, and you are NOT SOFA Personnel or any personnel with a FOREIGN passport, please come to NAF Atsugi’s Air Terminal for further instruction at least 24 hours prior to your intended flight.

2. There is no guarantee posted flight(s) will take space “A”.

3. Space “A” seat(s) are determined by the Flight Commander, not the Air Terminal, on the day of the flight.

4. We are mission oriented. As a result, we are unable to disclose Aircraft type(s) over the phone.

5. For more space “A” related information, call at 0467-63-3118 or 264-3118 (DSN), between the hours of 0600 and 2200. After hours, call at 0467-63-3801 or 264-2801 (DSN) to reach our automated flight recorder.  

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