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Commander Fleet Air Western Pacific

Commander Fleet Air Western Pacific
Commander, Fleet Air Western Pacific (CFWP) serves as the executive agent in the SEVENTH and FIFTH Fleet areas of responsibility for the Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet  (CNAP).  CFWP oversees established naval aviation man, train, equip, and sustain functions for the Forward Deployed Naval Force aviation units, aviation capable ships, forward operating sites, airfields, and air facilities.  CFWP assists aviation units operating in the FIFTH and SEVENTH Fleet to achieve and maintain required levels of operational readiness.  CFWP provides CNAP Type Commander oversight of forward Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Forces Wings and associated support of CNAP expeditionary sites.  CFWP serves as Commander, SEVENTH Fleet Air Logistics Support for Commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific operational logistics in peacetime theater engagement and contingency operations.

Under Commander, SEVENTH Fleet, CFWP serves as Commander, Task Group 710.3.  TG-710.3 provides operational control of assigned forces and conducts operations in support of Commander, SEVENTH Fleet and Unified Commanders.  TG 710.3 directs operations of forward air logistics units in support of U.S. SEVENTH Fleet independently or as part of joint, combined, or multinational forces.

Matthew F. Rutherford

Captain, United States Navy




PSC 477 BOX 3
FPO AP  96306 - 2703

Japanese Local Address:
ZIP 252-1101

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