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Emergency Management


Emergency Evacuation Program (EEP) package


If you are still having troubles downloading the file, please find below the EEP packet broken up into five sections. As above, you need to right click, save the document to your computer and then open from the downloaded location. 

Section 1.pdf

Section 2.pdf

Section 3.pdf

Section 4.pdf

Section 5.pdf



This site provides you and your family members with essential information should you be required to evacuate from Japan and relocate to the United States or a designated Safe Haven. These emergency evacuations require advance planning and preparation on the part of all evacuees. Your unit emergency evacuation program (EEP) coordinator will be your point of contact in times of crisis or emergency. They will assist you in filling out EEP forms as well as provide training to prepare you for an evacuation.

In times of crisis or danger, the U. S. Department of State will decide when to evacuate noncombatants. In the event of an evacuation order, installation commanders and individual unit Commanding Officers and OICs are responsible for ensuring that sponsors have prepared their family members to be evacuated/relocated in an efficient and orderly manner.


All available means of communication will be used to notify you of an impending evacuation. This can include command recalls, public announcements, AFN radio /TV (Eagle 810/Base Information Channel) and Ombudsman phone trees. 

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Contact Emergency Management
PSC 473 BOX 12
FPO AP 96349-0001
DSN #315-243-4954 

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