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Noncombatant Evacuation Operations (NEO)

 NEOs are the "ordered: (mandatory) or "authorized" (voluntary) departure of civilian noncombatants (and in rare situations nonessential military personnel) to a designated "safe haven." Evacuations from Okinawa could be triggered by a variety of circumstances, including civil unrest, military uprisings, environmental concerns, or natural disasters.

NEO Training: Click on the Okinawa NEO Training link to access Okinawa's NEO training site.

    NEO Kits: Your NEO kit includes a NEO packet (documents and checklists) and a NEO bag (items to bring with you in the event of an evacuation). As soon as you arrive on Okinawa, you MUST complete a NEO packet and should prepare a NEO bag. 

    Okinawa's NEO plans are harmonized among all the military services on Okinawa. Consequently, NEO Packets on Okinawa are unique compared to many parts of the world. Do not expect NEO packets from previous duty stations to meet Okinawa's unique requirements.

    NEO Kits are comprised of a NEO bag and six-part NEO Packet. A NEO Packet with a NEO Preparedness Cover Letter and blank forms will be provided to you by your Evacuation Preparedness Officer when you arrive on Okinawa. The following links provide checklists and forms to help you remain prepared. Start with the NEO Preparedness Cover Letter then follow the checklists in each of the following Packet Parts.

Packet Part I (Information and Preparedness)
Part I Checklist
CNIC Pamphlet
Okinawa Pamphlet
Preparedness Checklist

Packet Part II (Family and Pet Identification)
Part II Checklist
NAVPERS 1740-6 Family Care Certificate
NAVPERS 1740-7 Family Care Plan Arrangements
DD 2208 Rabies Vaccination Certificate
DD 2209 Veterinary Health Certificate

Packet Part III (Evacuation Forms and Orders)
Part III Checklist
DD 1610 Request for TAD Orders
DD 2585 Repatriation Processing Form

Packet Part IV (Finance and Household Goods)
Part IV Checklist
DD 2461 Civilian Authorization for Emergency Evacuation Pay
DD 1337 Military Authorization for Emergency Evacuation Pay
DD 1701 Inventory of Household Goods

Packet Part V (Automobiles and Residence) 
Part V Checklist
Vehicle Key Envelope
Residence Key Envelope
American Vehicle Insurance
Japanese Vehicle Insurance
USFJ Form 207 Military Registration and Certification of Title
Vehicle Certificate of Title

Packet Part VI (Other Important Documents and Considerations) 
Part VI Checklist
DD 93 Record of Emergency Data
Important Contact Information
DD 2258 Temporary Mail Disposition Instructions
Pet Envelope
Cash Envelope

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