Other Religious Ministries

Other Religious Ministries
(Outside the Command Religious Program)

Roman Catholic Mass (Downtown)
Sunday at 0830: Chapel in the Palms 
Roman Catholic Mass (Seabreeze Village)
Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 0545
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday at 1900
POC: Father Gerald Glorioso Metal
Office: 370-2956/2957
Christian Fellowship and Bible Study
(Christian, Inter-Denominational)
Christian’s Den, Palmsville
Sunday 1800 English Worship Service
Monday 1700 Recreation Night (Movie/Sports)
Tuesday 1900 Tagalog Bible Study
Thursday 1900 Prayer Meeting
Friday 1900 Tagalog Bible Study
Friday 1900 Praise Team Practice
Saturday 1800 Prayer Warriors Prayer Meeting
Saturday 1900 Tagalog Bible Study
POC: Bro. Robert Manaloto, 370-4417 or 6203

Iglesia Ni Cristo (Seabreeze Village)
Sun: 0500 Worship Service
Mon & Tue: 2000 Bible Study
Wed: 2000 Worship Service
Thru: 0500 & 2000 Worship Service
Fri: 2000 Bible Study
Sat:  0500 & 2000 Worship Service
POC: Bro. Ramir Lubong, 370-2785
Hindu Temple (Seabreeze Village)
Open 24 hours
POC: Sevathean Soobass
The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (Chapel in the Palms classroom)
Sunday at 1830
POC: BU2 Hyrum Earl, hyrum.earl@fe.navy.mil

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