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Port Operations

General Information

The Contractor shall provide all labor, management, supervision, tools, material, and equipment required to perform Port Operations at Naval Support Facility (NSF) Diego Garcia.

Clients Served:

All vessels calling on Diego Garcia. For the most part, services are to support the movements of MSC ships transiting in and out of the lagoon. All services are to include support the movement of U.S. Navy, British, MSC and Allied forces transiting in and out of the lagoon. Other vessels, commercial and private, have historically called in emergency situations.

NSF Diego Garcia is the host command for several military activities, units and detachments as well as non-Federal activities. As host command, it is responsible for providing port operations services for the entire island. Primary customers are Military Sealift Command Office (MSCO), Maritime Pre-positioning Ship Squadron Two (COMPSRON TWO), Afloat Pre-positioning Ships Squadron Four (APSRON FOUR), U.S. Navy and allied vessels under the charge of these commands.

Location of Services:

Port Operations functions are primarily located at the Waterfront, POL Pier, Small Boat Basin and Lagoon Anchorage of Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia. Waterfront/POL Pier are located on the inside west shoreline of the atoll and the Anchorages are through out the lagoon.

Contractor Provides:

The Contractor’s Port Operation will serve all vessels calling on Diego Garcia, regardless of Flag or purpose, as directed by the Resident Officer In Charge of Construction (ROICC).

Port Operations shall provide logistics support and related services to fully support the US Naval Fleet and other approved vessels afloat. Support services provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Port Operations Administration and Management
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul of all waterfront facilities and equipment (e.g., synchrolift, floating causeways, barges, buoys, day markers, crew boats, harbor communication systems, harbor warning system, and fleet moorings)
  • Maintenance and repairs of pre-positioned ships
  • Water transportation services
  • Harbor pilot services
  • Fleet mooring services
  • Ship (surface and submarine) movement planning
  • Services scheduling, coordination and logging
  • Utilities and Fuel hookup services
  • Stevedore/Material Handling Equipment (MHE)/Weight Handling Equipment (WHE) support services
  • Spill reporting, mitigation and cleanup on the wharf or in the water
  • Ship waste removal and coordination services
  • Liquid handling services (e.g., fuel, oily waste, and sewage)
  • Port operations and disaster/typhoon preparedness planning
  • Port Control Tower Operations
  • Boat Shop Operations
  • Search and Rescue (SAR) coordination and planning
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