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Operations and Management

NAF Misawa embraces a “one team, one fight” mentality in every aspect of our operations. We are an integral part of the Misawa Air Base Community, constantly seeking opportunities to increase mutual understanding and better coordinate with our 35th FW and JASDF counterparts, through training, exercises, and cultural exchanges. By reinforcing positive relationships across the base and consistently laying the foundation for future partnerships, NAF Misawa sets the tone for the remarkable goodwill that ties the Navy, Air Force, and JASDF together in Northern Japan. This goodwill reaches out into the local community, where Misawa City’s appreciation for the base is reflected in their stated objectives of “co-existence and co-prosperity.” NAF Misawa continues to build this unique overseas relationship between a surrounding city, who values the economic and social contributions of the air base, and base personnel, who consider themselves members of the local community.

Focusing on both customer service and the Shore Installation Management Core Business Model, NAF Misawa is committed to increasing the quality of our operations. A small command, we constantly reevaluate the critical efficiency triangle of performance, customer satisfaction, and cost. The guiding principle is keeping the warfighter and their family “mission ready” by providing the best services possible with the resources available and always finding a way to say, “Yes we can.” 

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