Airport Shuttle Services

Provide bus transportation for travelers to and from Yokosuka Naval Base, Yokota AFB, Narita & Haneda International Airports.

Schedule for Buses

To Narita from Yokosuka: 1000 and 1300
To Yokosuka from Narita: 1630 and 2000
To Haneda from Yokosuka: 1200 and 1700
To Yokosuka from Haneda: 1500 and 2000 

**Check in time for shuttle to Narita/Haneda is 1 hour prior to departure. 

Schedule for Yokota Bus

Round Trip from Yokosuka to Yokota are Wednesday and Fridays:  
Check-In Time – 0730    Departure time (from Yokosuka) - 0800.
One Way Trip from Yokosuka to Yokota are on Thursdays,  Fridays, and Saturdays:
Check-In Time - 0730. Departure time (from Yokosuka) - 0800.


Sign up for bus transportation

On Orders? SIGN-UP MANDATORY. Use form at link below and email.
Narita/Haneda Airport Shuttle Bus Signup
Email to
Double check email address.  Due to system limitations, you will not receive a confirmation email.

You MUST present a copy of your orders with line of accounting upon check-in. Without a copy of your orders, you will be designated space available.

Pets are not allowed on any airport shuttle.
Questions regarding PET TRAVEL please call 315-243-5770/7217/9303.


The Shuttle Bus Desk Office is located on the first floor of the PSD building (1555). Office hours are 0730-1700; Monday-Sunday weekdays including holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  If I miss the last shuttle what are my options?   
Answer:  Please contact the CFAY Transportation Bus Desk or call your command or take public transportation

  • Shuttle Office DSN: 315-243-7777.
  • Japanese phone: 046-816-7777
  • International: 011-81-46-816-7777
  • After 1700: 090-8046-5452
2.  Where do I catch the bus at Narita?
Answer:  The shuttle will only pick up from Terminal 1.  Please see Shuttle Guide for Narita for directions.

3.  Where do I catch the bus at Haneda?
Answer:  The shuttle will only pick up from the bus boarding area.  Please see Shuttle Guide for Haneda for directions.

4.  What instruction governs TAD travel for more information?
Answer:  Temporary Duty Travel COMFLEACT 4650.2.

5.  Are Space A travelers guaranteed seats?
Answer:  No – Families/Individuals traveling under orders have PRIORITY.

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FAST Connect:
Shuttle Guide for Narita (Click to download PDF)

Shuttle Guide for Haneda (Click to download PDF)

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