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Passport Services

PSD does not process fee/tourist passport applications. We, however, can provide information on how to apply and the contact information for places authorized to accept Tourist Passport applications. Tourist passports can be applied for at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. All locations are by appointment only. Squadron personnel should contact their command admin as most squadrons possess a Tourist Passport Acceptance Agent.

Multiple Reentry Stamps Only:
Mon. – Thurs: 0900 – 1100, and 1300 – 1500.
Fri: 0800 – 1100

Passport Inquiries and applications will be by appointment only. Appointments can be made at:

 ***NOTE: PSD Atsugi Does not grant SOFA Stamps***

All civilian personnel covered by SOFA agreement must have a SOFA stamp in their passports, except for Japanese passports.  A SOFA stamp can be placed in a passport ONLY when SOFA status is not indicated in some other way. SOFA status may be indicated in a passport by:
1. A Japanese Immigration admission stamp - received at the airport upon arrival.
2. A Japanese Immigration stamp voiding a previous status (i.e. visitor, worker, etc).
3.  A no-fee or official passport, which contains endorsements specifying the bearer's overseas employment or family status with the US Government, is a proof of SOFA status.
4. A SOFA stamp received upon arrival to Yokota AB.
When is SOFA stamp required:
1. An individual has renewed a fee/tourist passport and does NOT have a no-fee or official passport
2. An individual is not a U.S. citizen and has renewed their foreign passport
3. An individual is discharged from active military service in Japan
4. An individual was issued initial fee/tourist passport (i.e. newborn) and does NOT have a no-fee or official passport.
NOTE:  US Embassy no longer issues the SOFA stamp. The SOFA stamp must be obtained at Yokota AB air terminal. Letter of Dependency from your Personnel Office  is required.
- Multiple exit/ reentry stamp will be issued by PSD when proof of SOFA status is stamped in the passport. Service members can enter and exit the country on ID and orders.

Relative Link:
Embassy of the United States, Tokyo, Japan 

1. Replacing a lost/stolen/mutilated no fee/official passport (Word/PDF)
2. Minor applying or renewing no fee or official (Word/PDF)
3. Adult 16 and over renewing no fee passport (Word/PDF)
4. Adult 16 and over applying no fee or official (Word/PDF

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