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For special powers of attorney, notary, wills, or family law advice, please contact the Legal Assistance Office at DSN 243-8901 or

For legal concerns regarding servicemember misconduct, please contact the Defense Service Office, DSN 243-8903.

The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) is the installation representative for the following programs: private employment on and off base, private organizations; driving privilege reinstatements and appeals; and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act requests. With the exception of On Base Employment Applications, as detailed below, electronically sign and submit the applicable request paperwork to Our office will be in touch with you with any questions or concerns after reviewing your documentation.


**NOTE: For all applications, both the applicant and the sponsor must sign the request. The application must include the sponsor’s PRD and must be routed through the sponsor’s chain of command. The CO/OIC or a person with BY DIRECTION authority must endorse the request by selecting “APPROVE” on the last page.



  • Privacy Act Form - This is for requesting an Incident Report or Family Advocacy Report that you are a party to
  • Routine Use Disclosure (RUD) - This is for requesting a Traffic Accident Report that you are a party to for the purpose of filing an insurance claim. 
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) -
  • **NOTE: DO NOT include your DOB/SSN on the request form unless you can transmit it securely either through encrypted email or DoD SAFE. Protect your PII and instead mark “xxxx” where indicated. If you cannot utilize a CAC digital signature, you must include a scanned copy of an identification card, e.g., driver’s license, with your completed request form.


  • PDF of CFAY's Automobile Accidents in Japan Brochure. A helpful guide filled with important information in the event you get in a traffic accident while stationed in Japan. AUTO ACCIDENTS IN JAPAN PDF. 
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