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Regional Transient Personnel Department

Greetings from Sasebo Regional Transient Personnel Department!

RTPD Brief

For Transient Personnel:

Whether you are arriving to Sasebo for the first time, waiting for your command to return, or processing out, we are here to make sure you get to your next duty station as quickly as possible.  Ensure you have your transfer orders when you arrive as well as any pertinent paperwork you would need depending on your situation.  Check with your personnel office prior to your arrival.  Please check the Getting Here link to set up your transportation to Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo.  If you are taking the Blue Bus, go left on California Drive from the bus terminal and then make a left on Wisconsin Loop.  Follow Wisconsin Loop until you reach Building PW63 (CFAS Quarterdeck).  RTPD is located on the first deck.  Depending on the time you check in, check in either with the quarterdeck watch stander or the RTPD admin office to the left of the entrance.

For Forward Deployed Units:

Please look at the Regional RTPD Waterfront Brief for information.  Please contact us if you have further questions.

For Prospective Staff Personnel:

Congratulations on your selection for assignment to the staff of Commander Fleet Activities, Regional Transient Personnel Department (RTPD)! Our mission is to support operational units and the Navy personnel of the Pacific Fleet. Your tour on board will be a challenging, interesting, and rewarding experience in your Navy Career.

Contact us:

RTPD Admin Office: DSN (315) 252-3587 or 252-2757
CPOIC Office: DSN (315) 252-3381
Comm:  011-81-0956-50-XXXX

Mailing Address:

Regional Transient Personnel Department
PSC 476 Box 69
FPO AP 96322

Email Address:

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